Variable Fan Speed

Max Rating – 300-Watt/3-Amp

The Fan-Speed-Controller is a long lasting, solid state motor control to easily control fan speeds. The simple plug-in design is both convenient and easy to install. Used for thermally protected, permanent split capacitors, universal or shaded pole motors and packaged in a handsome fire-retardant thermoplastic enclosure.

    • Works with any ventilation fan rated up to 3 Amps.
    • Fully Variable from 50% -100% with On/Off
    • Plug-in ground design enables quick and easy installation
    • Maximum rating – 300-Watt/3-Amp
    • Compatible with all King fans except 36″, 42″ and 48″ Drum Fans
    • Simply plug in and enjoy
    • Helps reduce fan of blower noise
    • 1-Year Limited Warranty

Available Models

Ordering Information

FAN-SPEED-CONTROLLER55378Fan Motor Variable Speed Control Plug-In120V 3A MaxBuy Now