Why cove heaters are the ideal heating source when safety is paramount.

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Safely Mounted Out Of Reach

Ideal Around Small Children

Cove Heaters are mounted up high, away from curious hands. They offer a more versatile and safer alternative to other heating systems.

Entering a Room

Comfort Combo

Most heating systems heat air through convection alone

alCove cove heaters combine the quick comfort of radiant heat along with the sustained warmth of convection heat. Because of this, cove heaters can provide warmth quickly, so a room only needs to be heated when somebody enters it.

Cove Heaters Mounted Safely in Preschool

Safer Than Floor Heat

Heat Source Is Safely Out of Reach

Since alCove heaters are non-intrusive, tucked up high in a room in the alcove space, there is no concern of furniture, drapes or children coming in contact with the heating source. alCove cove heaters allow complete freedom for decorating, while maintaining a comfortable and safe room environment, making them an ideal solution for daycare centers, or assisted living facilities.

Cove Heaters Make No Noise. Have No Moving Parts. And Require No Maintenance.

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