compact unit heater

The KBP is the industry standard for multi-wattage garage / shop heaters. It even provides an idea solution for Greenhouse heating. Designed for rugged performance, the flow-through design efficiently moves air by pulling air from the back of the heater and discharges it out the front, easily heating a large space. With high quality components suitable for both residential and commercial applications, it comes standard with a 3 position (Heat/Fan/OFF-DISCONNECT) switch and an accurate built-in thermostat. The integral fan delay continues to dissipate heat from the elements during the cool down period, maximizing the heat exchange in the room. King’s exclusive dual Pic-A-Watt steel fin elements allow customers to select from a range of wattage options, tailoring the heater to an area’s specific heating requirements.

  • Original Pic-A-Watt® Element
  • Multiple wattage options, to tailor to a room’s specific heating requirements
  • Patented Smart Limit Protection®
  • Built-in Thermostat
  • Selector switch: Heat/Fan/Off-Disconnect
  • Long Life Cast Iron Motor
  • Fan Delay To Dissipate Heat
  • Universal Wall/Ceiling Bracket Included
  • Proudly Made in the USA with U.S. & Global Materials
  • 5 Year Warranty

The Industry Standard.

The industry standard for multi-wattage garage , shop and even greenhouse heaters. Featuring standard features such as a 3-position switch (Heat/Fan Only/Off) and an accurate built-in thermostat. Designed for rugged performance, the flow-through design efficiently moves air by pulling air from the back and discharges it out the front, easily heating a large space.

Now That’s Smart!

Safe Comfort For Large Spaces

Patented Smart Limit Protection (U.S. Patent #6,748,163 B2) automatically shuts power off to the heater in an abnormal event and must be manually reset for safety.

Available Models

Ordering Information

KBP12301519112012850-1900-9502426Buy Now
KBP2406*15190240/208*15700-4750-3800-850-1900-95024_2124Buy Now
KBP2006-3MP**15193208*1_35700-285027_1526Buy Now
KBP2406-3MP**15188240/208*1_35700-285024_1425Buy Now
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KBP4804-3MP**15196480***1_341609_526Buy Now
KBP4806-3MP**15197480***1_3600013_826Buy Now

* Approved for 208V operation. Heater will draw 13% less Amps and 25% less wattage
** 3-Phase units do not have Heat / Fan / Off
*** 480 Volt models are 24 Volt control


KBP-K1151986 ft. cord/handle kit - 120V, 1-Phase, 30 Amp (Receptacle not included)2
KBP-K2151996 ft. cord/handle kit - 240V, 1-Phase, 30 Amp (Receptacle included)2

Engineering Specs

Contractor shall supply and install KBP Series unit heaters manufactured by King Electrical Mfg. Company. Heaters shall be of the wattage and voltage as indicated on the plans.

Pic-A-Watt Heating Element: Exclusive King multi-tap element allows field adjustment to several wattages at time of installation. Steel sheath elements of various resistance are copper brazed to steel plate fins producing a multi-wattage heating element.

Built-in Thermostat: Single pole factory installed hydraulic capillary tube thermostat for precision heating control. Operating range 40° to 90° F.

Heat / Fan / Off-Disconnect Switch: 3-position switch provides heating and summer fan only operation.

Fan Delay Switch: The fan continues to operate after the thermostat shuts off in order to remove the residual heat left in the elements. Power must not be interrupted.

CFM: 270

Universal Mounting Bracket: Combination ceiling/wall bracket is included with every heater.

Unit Bearing Motor: Permanently lubricated, long life, unit bearing 4-Pole motor with 20 cc of oil. Enclosed rotor provides long-lasting, trouble-free operation. Thermally protected. 1300 RPM.

Electrically Held Smart Limit Protection: Heater shuts off when an over temperature condition exists and automatically resets when the normal operating temperature returns.

Tested: UL 2021

Approval: cCSAus