heavy duty electronic unit heater

King’s KB PlatinumX series unit heaters are the most full-featured unit heaters on the market, with in-built electronic thermostat for accuracy and remote control for simple operation. Comes standard with a provision for adding an optional 24V thermostat for remote temperature control, making it compatible with Nest Thermostats. Includes integrated summer fan only and thermostat timer modes, the KB PlatinumX has you covered.

Designed for use as primary or supplemental heat sources in large or exposed areas, including high-rise buildings, stores, warehouses, garages, water treatment and fire room vaults to prevent freezing. Spiral finned steel elements and high CFM ensure even air distribution producing cooler element operation, prolonging heater life. By combining the highest quality components, with a dynamically balanced fan blade, the KB PlatinumX unit heater will provide years of trouble-free service. Includes universal wall/ceiling bracket for simple installation.

  • Energy-Saving PlatinumX Electronic Temperature Controller
  • Built-In Provision for Optional 24V Remote Thermostat
  • Compatible with NEST / any 24V WIFI Stat
  • Remote Control Included with Wall Holder
  • Summer Fan Only & Timer Modes
  • Adjustable Louvers to Direct Air
  • Built-In Fan Delay to Dissipate Heat
  • High Mass Steel Fin Heat Exchanger
  • Patented Smart Limit Protection®
  • Permanent Lubricated Unit Bearing Motor
  • Universal Wall/Ceiling Bracket Included
  • Proudly Made in the USA with U.S. & Global Materials
  • 5-Year Limited Warranty

Energy-Saving Smart Unit Heater w/ Remote

KB PlatinumX Includes It All. Offering an in-built electronic thermostat for accuracy and remote control for simple operation, as well as an integrated summer fan only mode and thermostat timer mode, the KB Platinum has you covered.

KB PlatinumX Works with NEST

Since KB PlatinumX comes standard with a provision for adding an optional 24V thermostat for remote temperature control, setting up a Nest WiFi thermostat or any 24V WiFi thermostat is simple and easy. Controlling your Unit Heaters has never been easier. Comfort is a click away.

Safe Comfort For Large Spaces

Patented Smart Limit Protection (U.S. Patent #6,748,163 B2) automatically shuts power off to the heater in an abnormal event and must be manually reset for safety.

Spiral Steel Fin Heating Element For Maximum Heat Exchange

The metal sheath element is copper brazed with spiral fins then molded into a coil configuration. This combination produces the heat transfer while eliminating the potential for hot spots by positioning the element in the maximum airflow stream.

Available Models

Ordering Information

KB2003-1-PLTMX33188310.2120814.49W40015ft.8ft.A30.5Buy Now
KB2403-1-PLTMX33189310.21240/208*12.59W40015ft.8ft.A30.5Buy Now
KB2703-1-PLTMX33190310.2127710.89W40015ft.8ft.A30.5Buy Now
KB2004-1-PLTMX33191413.5120819.29W40015ft.8ft.A30.5Buy Now
KB2404-1-PLTMX33192413.51240/208*16.7/14.49W40015ft.8ft.A30.5Buy Now
KB2704-1-PLTMX33193413.5127714.49W40015ft.8ft.A30.5Buy Now
KB2005-1-PLTMX331945171208249W40016ft.8ft.A30.5Buy Now
KB2405-1-PLTMX331955171240/208*20.8/189W40016ft.8ft.A30.5Buy Now
KB2705-1-PLTMX33196517127718.19W40016ft.8ft.A30.5Buy Now
KB2007-1-PLTMX331977.525.6120836.116W60020ft.9ft.B45Buy Now
KB2407-1-PLTMX331987.525.61240/208*31.3/2716W60020ft.9ft.B45Buy Now
KB2707-1-PLTMX331997.525.6127727.116W60020ft.9ft.B45Buy Now
KB2010-1-PLTMX332009.9834.112084825W72524ft.10ft.B45Buy Now
KB2410-1-PLTMX33201 1034.11240/208*41.6/36.125W72524ft.10ft.B45Buy Now
KB2710-1-PLTMX332021034.1127736.125W72524ft.10ft.B45Buy Now
KB2012-1-PLTMX-FB3322112.542.7120860.125W82530ft.11ft.C50Buy Now
KB2412-1-PLTMX-FB3322212.542.71240/208*52.1/45.135W82530ft.11ft.C50Buy Now
KB2015-1-PLTMX-FB332231551.2120872.150W92533ft.12ft.C50Buy Now
KB2415-1-PLTMX-FB332241551.21240/208*62.5/54.150W92533ft.12ft.C50Buy Now
KB2003-3MP-PLTMX33203310.21-320814.4/8.39W40014ft.8ft.C45Buy Now
KB2403-3MP-PLTMX33210310.21-3240/208*62.5/54.19W40014ft.8ft.C45Buy Now
KB4803-3MP-PLTMX33215310.21-34806.3/3.69W40014ft.8ft.C45Buy Now
KB2005-3MP-PLTMX33205517.11-320824 & 13.99W40016ft.8ft.C45Buy Now
KB2405-3MP-PLTMX33206517.11-3240/208*20.8/18 & 18/15.69W40016ft.8ft.C45Buy Now
KB4805-3MP-PLTMX33216517.11-348010.4 & 6.09W40016ft.8ft.C45Buy Now
KB2007-3MP-PLTMX332077.525.61-320836.1 & 20.816W60020ft.9ft.C46.5Buy Now
KB2407-3MP-PLTMX332087.525.61-3240/208*31.2/27 & 18/15.616W60020ft.9ft.C46.5Buy Now
KB4807-3MP-PLTMX332177.525.61-348031.3/18.116W60033ft.12ft.C46.5Buy Now
KB2010-3MP-PLTMX332109.9847.91-320827.725W82530ft.11ft.C46.5Buy Now
KB2410-3MP-PLTMX332091034.11-3240/208*41.7/36.1 & 24.1/20.825W72524ft.10ft.C46.5Buy Now
KB4810-3MP-PLTMX332181034.11-348020.8 & 1225W72524ft.10ft.C46.5Buy Now
KB4812-3MP-PLTMX3321912.542.71-348026 & 1525W82530ft.11ft.C46.5Buy Now
KB4815-3MP-PLTMX332201551.21-348031.3 & 18.150W92533ft.12ft.C46.5Buy Now
KB2012-3-PLTMX3321112.542.7320834.735W82530ft.11ft.C50Buy Now
KB2412-3-PLTMX3321212.542.73240/208*30.1/2635W82530ft.11ft.C50Buy Now
KB2015-3-PLTMX332131551.2320841.750W92533ft.12ft.C50Buy Now
KB2415-3-PLTMX332141551.23240/208*36.1/31.250W92533ft.12ft.C50Buy Now
KB2020-3-PLTMX-FB332252068.3320855.61/4 HP110047ft.13ft.E55Buy Now
KB2420-3-PLTMX-FB332262068.33240/208*48.2/41.61/4 HP110047ft.13ft.E55Buy Now
KB4820-3-PLTMX332272068.3348024.11/4 HP110047ft.13ft.E55Buy Now
*KB2025-3-PLTMX-FB332282585.3320869.5(2) 35W110047ft.13ft.F60.5Buy Now
*KB2425-3-PLTMX-FB332292585.33240/208*60.2/52.1(2) 35W135041ft.14ft.F60.5Buy Now
*KB4825-3-PLTMX332332585.3348030.1(2) 35W135041ft.14ft.F60.5Buy Now
*KB2030-3-PLTMX-FB3323030102.4320883.4(2) 50W180048ft.15ft.F60.5Buy Now
*KB2430-3-PLTMX-FB3323130102.43240/208*72.3/62.5(2) 50W180048ft.15ft.F60.5Buy Now
*KB4830-3-PLTMX3323430102.4348036.1(2) 50W180048ft.15ft.F60.5Buy Now
*KB2440-3-PLTMX-FB3323240136.5324096.3/83.3(2) 1/4 HP220053ft.15ft.F60.5Buy Now
*KB4840-3-PLTMX-FB3323540136.5348048.2(2) 1/4 HP220053ft.15ft.G60.5Buy Now

* Dual rated heaters will draw 13% less amps and 25% less wattage when operated at 208V. * 2-Stage heating standard.

Field Mount Options

DS3213480Disconnect Switch, Field Installed Kit, 32 AMP, 600V
DS6313481Disconnect Switch, Field Installed Kit, 63 AMP, 600V
DS8013482Disconnect Switch, Field Installed Kit, 80 AMP, 600V
DS10013483Disconnect Switch, Field Installed Kit, 100 AMP, 600V

Replacement Accessories

KBB-113484Replacement Universal Wall/Ceiling Small Mounting Bracket (for heaters with size A heaters)1.9
KBB-213485Replacement Universal Wall/Ceiling Large Mounting Bracket (for heaters with size B and C)2.6
KBB-313488Replacement Universal Wall/Ceiling Large Mounting Bracket (for heaters with size F & G )3.9
KBHS13486Replacement Hook Swivel0.4
KBHK13487Replacement Hardware Kit0.1
ECO2S-REMOTE33489PlatinumX Replacement Infrared Remote Control0.1
ECO2S-REMOTE-BRACKET33490PlatinumX Replacement Infrared Remote Control Wall Mount Bracket0.2

Bracket Selection Chart

KBB-13 to 5 kW (1 phase)12 1/2"2 15/16"10 1/16"1 3/16"7"1 7/8"1 7/8"9 1/4"1 7/8"3/4"1"1/2"
KBB-27.5 to 10 kW (1 phase) 3 to 20 kW (3 phase)16 7/8"2 15/16"10 1/8"1 1/4"7"1 7/8"1 5/8"13 5/8"1 5/8"3/4"1"1 1/2"
KBB-325 to 40 kW (3 phase)19 1/2"4 3/16"13 3/16"15/16"10"1 7/8"1 5/8"16 1/4"1 1/8"11/16"1"2"

Engineering Specs

Contractor shall supply and install KB PlatinumX Series unit heaters manufactured by King Electrical Mfg. Company. Heaters shall be of the wattage and voltage as indicated on the plans.

Construction: All exterior and interior metal enclosure parts are made from 20 gauge electrogalvanized Steel with a rust inhibiting baked enamel finish. Smooth rounded corners and protective edge trim give an attractive modern appearance.

Provision For 24V Remote Thermostat: Includes terminals to connect an optional 24V 2-Stage Thermostat. Compatible with NEST / any 24V WIFI Stat

Electronic Control: Up, down temperature mode. Start/Stop. Standard on all heaters. The control voltage is equal to the line voltage (208, 240) for 5kW models. Over 5kW the line voltage control is operating the contactors.

Adjustable Outlet Louver: Louvers direct air up or down as needed for the heating application.

Rear Intake Screen: Heavy gauge steel screen protects against foreign objects making accidental contact with the rotating fan blade.

Spiral Fin Elements: The metal sheath element is copper brazed with spiral fins then molded into a coil configuration. This combination produces the best heat transfer while eliminating the potential for hot spots by positioning the element in the maximum airflow stream.

Totally Enclosed Fan Motor: Permanently lubricated long life, unit bearing with 20cc of oil. Epoxy-coated motor with enclosed rotor resists moisture and corrosion for long-lasting, trouble-free operation.

Aluminum Fan Blade: Axial flow-type fan mounted directly to the motor shaft for maximum efficiency.

Thermal Overload: Heaters shall be equipped with King’s patented thermal overload Smart Limit Protection®, which disconnects elements and motor in the event normal operating temperatures are exceeded. If thermal overload trips due to abnormal operating temperatures, thermal overload shall remain open until manually reset by turning the heater off for 15 minutes. Automatically reset of thermal overloads, which allow the element to continue to cycle under abnormal conditions, will not be accepted.

Internal Controls: Magnetic contactors are standard on all 480V heaters, all 208V/1-Phase, 240V/1-Phase, 277V/1-Phase heaters above 6kW, and all 3-Phase heaters.

Fusing: Internal circuit fusing is provided when the heater ampacity exceeds 48 Amps to comply with N.E.C. standards. A fan delay is provided standard on models 12.5-kW and above to dissipate residual heat from the heating elements.

Easy Installation: A quick access panel located on the bottom of the heater allows for quick wiring and easy maintenance for the life of the heater. Includes universal wall/ceiling bracket for simple installation.

Approvals: cULus (E41422)